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Jacksonville window tinting
Thursday, June 04 2009
It's well known that window film helps keep a vehicle's interior cooler by blocking the sun's heat, but a firm link has yet to be developed between these benefits and conserving fuel. Many in the industry say no real savings will occur until variable-rate compressors are introduced, but K. Gokul Chandar, director of 3M's authorized center in Dubai, says film already provides energy-saving benefits in the automotive arena.
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Thursday, June 04 2009
 With the warm months setting in, designers and energy experts are popping up all over the web with endorsements for window film. Interior Designer, Jewell Blair recently told that she found window film to be the best overall solution. The article includes video.
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Thursday, June 04 2009
 Gulf Coast Community College in Panama City, Fla., hosted the Bay Green Expo recently. Among the exhibitors was Steven Cobucci of S.C. Designing. Cobucci touted the use of window film.
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Thursday, June 04 2009
 Watt Plaza, a twin 23-story office tower complex, recently became the first office building in Los Angeles to receive a Gold LEED certification in the Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance category. It is now one of five buildings in California and 12 nationwide to receive this designation. The more then 25-year-old building serves as a stark reminder that new buildings aren't the only being designed for efficiency these days. And window film, among other retrofitting products, helped add its name to the list.
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