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Home and Business Window Tinting In Jacksonville Florida
Residential & Commercial Window Tinting 
 Residential/Commercial Window Films

Eclipse is committed to providing the Best Quality Residential/Commercial Window Films at the Best Price. Eclipse Window Tinting flat glass lines offer great looks, efficient installation and outstanding performance features.
Modern, up-to-date colors and shades

  • Superior optical clarity

  • Exclusive water-activated adhesive (DSA)

  • Simple, eye-catching point-of-sale merchandising

  • All metal, fade resistant construction

  • Exclusive manufacturer’s warranty



Window Film Types 
 Clear energy efficient spectrally-selective applied window film offers the best ratio of visible light transmission to heat rejection. Spectrally-selective refers to the ability of the energy efficient film to select or let in desirable daylight, while blocking out undesirable heat.

While it is relatively easy to manufacture tinted and reflective film that blocks heat, it is another thing entirely to produce what is called spectrally selective energy efficient window film, capable of blocking undesirable heat while simultaneously transmitting desirable sun light. At least one spectrally selective energy efficient window film is available and for years has been successfully installed on windows and fixed glass in commercial, institutional and residential properties. Unfortunately, several manufacturers call their film spectrally selective when it is only marginally so.

The definitive test is how much visible light the film transmits. A true spectrally selective energy efficient window film transmits at least 70% of visible light. Most calling themselves spectrally selective actually transmit no more than 54%. Such films when installed on a window become visible to the naked eye. If a window film looks tinted and not clear it is not optimally selective in the all important category of visible light transmission.

  Suntek Dual ReflectiveDS Window Films

Our Premium Dual-Reflective films help solve these interior reflective issues. A high quality Dual-Reflective Film should not use any Dyes to accomplish this appearance. Dyes discolor and are not recommended for Residential applications(note: All of our Films presented to you during our initial consultation are Dye Free unless you have special circumstances, we will clearly identify these films to you if the circumstance arises). These Dual-Reflective Films are preferred mainly by homeowners and even some business owners because of the additional benefit of a better night view. During the day it is possible to leave your drapes or shutters wide open and have total privacy while keeping your home cooler and protecting your furniture. This technology along with Traditional Reflective Films are considered to be the safest type of film for Dual-Pane Window's since the absorption rates are very minimal, even for the darkest of the Dual Reflective's. The exterior reflective aesthetics are virtually the same compared to "Standard Films" mentioned below. For a product that works excellent in heat rejection, gives you added daytime privacy without too much interior shine at nighttime and is priced just right, choose Premium Dual-Reflective Window Film's.

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 Today's expensive windows create a wonderful sense of space and light in residential and commercial buildings. But they also create challenges for interior designers and window fashion specialists, from increasing energy demands and solar hot spots, to the transmission of damaging ultraviolet. Our premium designer and safety films offer an effective and attractive solution.

They're the finishing touch in window treatments, enhancing their beauty, extending their life and preserving their value for years to come. Diminishing hot spots, high energy bills, fading and deterioration of fabrics are just some of the benifits of retrofiting your windows with these high performing films. Our Premium Window Films were developed specifically to handle these problems, unlike earlier generations of Window Tinting that were both highly reflective and dark.

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